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25 Top Black Authors of 2021
We’ve seen your story on American Gangster Trap Queens, but tell us who Ayana Bean is behind the cameras.
A: Yes! Who is Ayana Bean? I am a regular young woman trying to survive and succeed as many of us are.  In the past as some have seen in the American Gangster Trap Queens series I tried doing it in a way that didn't benefit myself or my family.  Today I do things the smart and right way.  I'm an entrepreneur, mom, grandmother, sister & daughter using the experiences from my life to encourage and inspire others.
After serving a year and a day you still did not allow your bad choices hold you back. Tell us how you had the strength to overcome everything that was against you and still push through to be successful.
A: I have this fighting spirit in me that just won't allow me to quit or sit still.  Although there have been periods of times that I have struggled with shame and embarassement of the bad decisions I made and I was hiding not just from the word but hiding from my own self but it never seemed to last too long because of the fire that burns in my spirit to get up and fight it.
What does entrepreneurship mean to you and why did you step into the music arena?
A: Entrepreneurship is everything that true independence defines its the ultimate success that belongs to you on your own time. I always loved music growing up it was therapeutic and was always associated with the good times.  Music also helped me escape through bad times.  I didn't seek out being in music so to speak but the entertainment world in some capacity I wanted to do.  I actually started out learning magazine publishing and thought i would start my own entertainment magazine like The Source, XXL etc.  As I started learning that business it pushed me right into the music business.
What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?

A: There have been so many and the list continues to grow but one of the top is Jay-Z he built an empire based off of his passion and continues to dominate with his influence in big strategic business moves, Mona Scott a woman who dominates and makes it happen.  There are just so many but these 2 are at the top of my list.


What would you say is your greatest win in business?

A: I would say my greatest win is that I'm still standing and I'm not even close to done.  In fact Ms. Bean is just getting started.  This is only the warm up.


What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?

A: The best advice I have received in business is that if you give up you won't be in business.  So don't give up.


What has been the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

A: Word of mouth has always been the most effective marketing initiative.  The difference now is how word of mouth happens.  Today Word of mouth is in the form of social media platforms.  Its cheaper to by ads on social media than it is to buy ads for major media outlets.  Networking, being consistent and showing up is the most effective you will find.


What have you learned as a business owner and entrepreneur that you can pass on to others seeking this position or just started out in business. 

A: I learned being in business is not for the weak.  You have to be strong even against yourself.  You have to make sacrifices to make a stance in any business.  There will be minimum sleep. Don't look at whats happening now continue to see what the future will be if you continue to work at it.  Its nothing that will happen overnight.


Are there any resources or tools you’d like to share with other small business owners that have helped you run your business? If yes, please describe (and include links if available).

A: The best resources and tools you could use in business are following similar businesses to yours.  Not to say this is your competition but look at them as your trainers of what to do and what not do to.  Be consistent with learning your business.

Do you have any new projects coming up (or have you just completed a big project ~ reached a milestone, etc.)? If so, please tell us about it.

A: I have a few projects coming up that I can't disclose right now because they aren't complete but in the works.  Completing my book A YEAR AND A DAY has been the biggest milestone that I wasn't sure I would even get to.  I'm so proud of myself for not giving up on it when there have been so many challenges in getting it done.  

Who are you behind the business? Tell us who you are when no one is looking. What do you do for fun/relaxation? What’s your favorite vacation spot to unwind?
A: Oh no I can't tell nobody this hahahaha! Behind the scenes I am one of the silliest people you could meet.  I love any place with sand, heat, palm trees, good food OMG! I love to eat!! I have traveled a lot over the years and Miami has always been my favorite place. I love the busy of it and also the calm of it. No 2 piece bikini yet but I'm working on it.
What's at the top of your list of Goals you plan to accomplish over the next year.
A: I'm speaking everything BIG over the next year! My author debut will you be a New York times Best Seller.  A YEAR AND A DAY FOUNDATION will be an absolutely successful organization in the community on its way nationwide.  NAACP image award.  We are doing it all over the next year.


We are excited about you stepping into the published author arena, tell us how the experience has been with your soon to be released memoir. Also, Give us the title and where we can purchase. 

A: The book A YEAR AND A DAY Memoirs of a regular girl.  This has been some therapy for me.  A total complete release and understanding of myself.  Pains I have ignored for many years.  I have a different relationship with myself and God today.  I'm the happiest I have ever been with myself and for myself.  


Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

A:  If there is anything I could share with readers it would be to stay ever so diligent with creating the life that makes you feel good.  The one that you never want to escape from.  Remember that your the author of your own book,.  How do you want it to be read?  Live your best loving life.

What’s the best way for our readers to connect with you (feel free to include the links to your social networks and website.

A:  Please keep in touch with me and follow up with me on my social media.
IG: @ms.yanabean Twitter @Ms.YanaBean FB: @ms.yanabean

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