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Author Jenise McNair | Published & Black Magazine 
25 Top Black Authors of 2021
We had the pleasure of chatting with Jenise McNair. Let's here what she has to say......
Bio: Jenise is an Entrepreneur, #1 International Best-Selling Author, 2x Best-Selling Author and a Nine-time Marathoner. Jenise has been featured as seen on several news outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Jenise McNair overcame many disappointments and hardships that tried to prevent her from unleashing her Greatness Within. After years of feeling like she was losing in every area of her life, she recognized that she would only be able to live up to her Full Potential if she was willing to fight for it! Developing a Winning mindset taught Jenise how to leverage her setbacks so she can always take the lead and Win! When she sets goals, no matter how big or small they are, she is always willing to do whatever is necessary to follow through and execute those goals. In “Potential of a Man vs Truth” and “Fighting for Your Full Potential”, Jenise offers powerful insight on how to embrace your personal truths, achieve your goals and follow your dreams while facing obstacles. One book helps you heal while the other book shows you how to Win. Jenise McNair is the owner of Free Her Truths, LLC which was created to coach women who are battling with silent trauma and ongoing hardships. Her mission is to help women embrace their personal truths and leverage their setbacks in life by helping them understand that their Truth is their Power. Jenise is truly passionate about Pushing the women in front of her ahead and Pulling the women behind her along. Jenise is a firm believer that “Self Development is the Foundation of your Success”. 

Interview Questions:

Tell us about you and your brand as an author and who is your target audience?

I am a Serial Entrepreneur and mother of Three. I am the owner of “Free Her Truths LLC'' and “WINdemic LLC. Each brand is an extension to each one of my books. Free Her Truths is connected to My first book “Potential of a Man vs. Truth”.  My target audience are Black millennial mothers and women who are battling with ongoing pain from untreated wounds, past or current. My mission is to help them identify the potential that is inside them, heal properly from trauma and be able to walk and embrace their truth. My mission is also  to remind mothers that their Dreams still matter even while supporting and sacrificing for their children. WINdemic is connected to my latest book “Fighting For Your Full Potential” . My target audience are also Millennials male or female, who are at a place in their life where they are ready for the "Next Big Thing". They have made a positive shift in their life and they want something different. They are ready to fight for their full potential but just need the guidelines to know how to leverage their setbacks in life and win. This book focuses on Winning while the other book focuses on inner Healing. 

Are you traditionally published or self-published? Which do you prefer? I am a self-published author. I prefer self-published only because it allows me to see everything through from the beginning of the process until the end. It also allows you to always be in control and not having to be on anyone else’s time. When you feel the time is right, you’re able to just Go For It!


What does authorpreneurship mean to you and why did you step into this arena? Authorpreneurship is special to me because it allowed me to tell my story and inspired other women to overcome and win. I stepped into this area because God put it on my heart to use my story to impact the hearts and lives of others. This type of arena is like no other. Words are very powerful and all it takes is one sentence to change someone’s entire life for the better. 

What or who has been your greatest influence in publishing and why? My father Aaron D. McNair has been my greatest influencer in publishing because of his own personal life story. My father has experienced so many life changing events that would’ve made anyone want to give up; but his thought process and actions towards life only exemplified compassion, kindness and positivity towards others. He’s mentioned on several occasions that he should’ve written a book about his life. He is truly admirable and knowing his story, only motivated me to share mine. To be honest, I shared a significant portion of his life story in my first book. My father was one of God's greatest gifts given to me. I am so honored to be his daughter and I thank him for being such a loving, supportive and selfless Father. Being in his presence alone always makes me want to be a Greater Version of myself. 

How has becoming a published author changed your life overall? Becoming a published author has changed my life for the better overall because it gave me confirmation that inspiring others to overcome is truly a part of my purpose. Being able to be vulnerable and share my story with the world knowing that someone will be impacted in a positive way; causes me to keep pushing forward and becoming the greatest version of myself. Our purpose is connected to someone else’s need.  


What would you say is your greatest win has been as an author CEO? My greatest win as an author and CEO would have to be becoming a #1 International Best Selling Author. To be so impactful in different countries of the world was just an amazing feeling. Being an International Best Selling Author allows me to reach more people and make a difference in a positive way. We need more positivity in the world so being able to be that for others is a blessing for me. 

What’s the best advice you have received in the publishing arena that you wish to pass on to our readers and those who want to publish in the future? Best advice I received was that whatever that is put on your heart to write a book about; it’s meant to be shared with the world. It took me almost 6 years to complete my first book. So regardless if it seems impossible to fit in with your schedule, understand some things are just worth making time for. Wanting to write a book never happens by coincidence, I believe it’s a part of God’s Plan for your life.  


What has been the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your book? Having your books on you at all times. You are the best marketing tool to promote your books. You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You have to walk in Authority and know that your book will be an asset to people's lives. Word of mouth is also another great marketing tool. Most people tell it how it is when giving their opinion about books they have read. So Great feedback is always a Win. 


Do you have any new book or literary projects coming up (or have you just completed a big project ~ reached a milestone, etc.)? If so, please tell us about it. I’m actually working on creating “Unleash Your Greatness Academy”. In the academy I will be offering a program  “The 5 Step Formula To Win in Every Aspect of Your Life”. Of course a lot of people want to win in life but most don’t know how or where to start. This program will guide women to leverage their setbacks in life and truly understand that their Truth is their Power. The Greatness on the inside of them starts with walking in your Truth. Then you start to win when you learn how to leverage your setbacks. So I am extremely excited to kick that off soon. 


Who are you behind the book? Tell us who you are when no one is looking. What do you do for fun/relaxation? What’s your favorite vacation spot to unwind? Who am I behind my book? I Am Human(laughing.) I believe It’s important to always be your most authentic self.  I’m a loving mom of three. I love hanging out with my friends, cracking jokes and having a drink or two. I’m goofy and I’m definitely an adrenaline junkie. One of the things I love to do that helps me download is Run. I train for Marathons every year to keep me physically in shape and mentally grounded. Also, any free time I get to travel the world, I’m usually gone for two weeks at a time. One of my favorite vacation spots was the Maldives. Very relaxing and the scenery was just breathtaking. 

What’s at the top of your list of Goals you plan to accomplish over the next year? Getting more exposure and building my brand so that I can impact more lives. So many women feel alone and I just want to be able to reach more women and provide the support they need while trying to overcome obstacles. I want women to look at my life and know that all things are possible to those who believe and are willing to fight. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? When you want something in life, you have to be willing to Fight for it! You have to be courageous enough to walk in your own personal Truth. Most people will count you out before they count you in; but at the end of the day it’s on you to Win. Our biggest and most toughest battle in life is the battle within yourself. So everyday it’s important to make an effort to just do the work and become the Greatest Version of yourself. I am a firm believer that “Self Development is the Foundation of your Success”. Greatness is in each and everyone of us, so make a choice that striving for Greatness will be your only option. 

What’s the best way for our readers to connect with you (feel free to include the links to your social networks and website? You can connect with me on Instagram at Woman_of_Strength31, Facebook at Jenise Neecey McNair or on my website at 

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